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Finissage Biennale 2011

@Biennale di Venezia
Finissage of the 54th International Art Exhibition – ILLUMInations

Saturday, November 26th
Teatro alle Tese, Arsenale
  • 2.30pm Meetings on Art – Let’s talk about us /sessions 1 and 2

Sunday, November 27th
Ca’ Giustinian
  • 11.30am closing press conference
  • 12.30am award ceremony of online competitions (photos, essays, video clips)
  • 1.30pm opening of the exhibition of artists’ videos from the Biennale Historical Archives (VIDEO MEDIUM INTERMEDIUM )
 Teatro alle Tese, Arsenale
  • 2.30pm Meetings on Art – Let’s talk about usWhat have we done?! /sessions 3

Venice, November 24th 2011 – The 54th International Art Exhibition – ILLUMInations (which includes 89 national participations) directed by Bice Curiger and organized by la Biennale di Venezia chaired by Paolo Baratta, will close with a weekend (Saturday and Sunday November 26th and 27th) rich with special events and initiatives.

Saturday 26th of November
On Saturday afternoon, November 26th, the first two sessions of Let’s talk about us, part of Meetings on Art, a series of conversations on the themes of the 2011 Art Biennale, will take place. Both meetings will focus on the differences and similarities between a Biennale curator and a museum curator. Speakers will include art historians, curators and critics who have served in one or both of these roles during their career.

The schedule:

Teatro alle Tese, Meetings on Art

2.30pm - 4.30pm: Let’s talk about us/1 - Blockbuster or Betablocker: Biennale curator, museum curator with Paolo Baratta, Bice Curiger, Germano Celant, Massimiliano Gioni, Hans-Ulrich Obrist and Letizia Ragaglia

5.00pm - 7.00pm: Let’s talk about us /2 - Blockbuster or Betablocker: Biennale curator, museum curator
with Paolo Baratta, Diana Baldon, Giovanni Carmine, Okwui Enwezor, Beatrix Ruf and Vicente Todoli

Sunday November, 27th
On Sunday, November 27th at 11:30am a closing press conference will take place at Ca’ Giustinian – historical headquarter of la Biennale – with President Paolo Baratta and director Bice Curiger who will take stock of the 54th Art Exhibition. The conference will be followed by the award ceremony of the online competitions (photos, essays and video clips) of the Art Biennale 2011 and Architecture Biennale 2010.

The exhibition of artists’ videos from the collections of ASAC- Biennale Historical Archives, titled VIDEO MEDIUM INTERMEDIUM, will open at 1.30pm in the Portego of Ca’ Giustinian.
Following the improvement project of the Biennale Archive heritage and the success of the exhibition of its historic posters, la Biennale will offer 32 videos selected by Bice Curiger and made by 53 artists from 1969 and 1975 along with photographs and other documents from the Collections of the ASAC. For the very first time, the public will be able to view the rich legacy that documents the nascent art of video in Europe at the beginning of the Seventies.

In the afternoon there will be the last event of Meeting on Art titled What have we done?! From 2.30 pm at Teatro delle Tese, Arsenale,President Baratta and Director Curiger will engage in a panel discussion with the directors of the most recent editions: Francesco Bonami (2003), Maria de Corral and Rosa Martinez (2005), Robert Storr (2007) and Daniel Birnbaum (2009).

The schedule:

Ca’ Giustinian
11.30am closing press conference of the 54. International Art Exhibition
12.30am award ceremony of online competitions (photos, essays, video clips)
1.30pm opening of the exhibition of artists’ videos from the Biennale Historical Archives

Teatro alle Tese
2.30pm Meetings on Art – Let’s talk about us/3 - What have we done?!
with Paolo Baratta, Bice Curiger, Daniel Birnbaum, Francesco Bonami, Maria de Corral and Rosa Martinez and Robert Storr

All videos of the 54th International Art Exhibition and of Meetings on Art are available on at the following link:

iBiennale, the official application of la Biennale di Venezia, available for iPad and iPhone and produced in cooperation with LOG607 and Marsilio Editori, is downloadable on:

Further Information
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la Biennale di Venezia
Ph. +39 041 5218 – 849/846/716

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