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La prossima settimana, IndieCade porta a New York la sua combinazione di gameplay indie, incontri, laboratori, giochi by night, la sperimentazione in collaborazione e la celebrazione. Mentre IndieCade è sempre stato orientato a dare alla comunità di gioco indipendente sia una casa che una voce dal suo quartier generale a Los Angeles, IndieCade Est vuole condividere
quella casa con il pubblico e farlo sentire indie in tutto il mondo. 
IndieCade Est, la nostra prima volta nell'East-Coast, è una celebrazione di ciò che rende i giochi indipendenti e la scena indie così importante.

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The first-annual INDIECADE EAST 
arrives in New York February 15-17!
IndieCade EAST! 

Next week, IndieCade brings to New York its combination of indie gameplay, talks, workshops, Night Games, collaborative experimentation, and celebration. While IndieCade has always focused on giving the independent game community both a home and a voice from its headquarters in Los Angeles, IndieCade East is about sharing that home with the general public and making indies heard throughout the world. IndieCade East, our first-ever East-Coast event, is a celebration of what makes independent games so important. 


//20 Games to Play//
The IndieCade East team has curated 20 indie games which will be available to play and provide a core for the weekend's events. 

See the games exhibit page for more info about: 
Armada d6 * BlindSide * Bloop
Botanicula * Cart Life Chroma Shuffle 
Dyad * Find Me a Good One * Gorogoa Guacamelee!
Hokra * International Racing Squirrels 
Reality Ends Here * Renga * Spaceteam 
Spelltower * Splice * Tengami
The Stanley Parable * Thirty Flights of Loving 
Unmanned * Vornheim

//Night Games//
Night Games are a signature event of the IndieCade Festival! Don't miss this unforgettable Saturday evening of gameplay when IndieCade's game creators and attendees congregate after dark to explore games ranging from handheld to athletic, from shadowy to luminescent, from meditative to explosive, from solo to multiplayer, from digital to tactile. All of the games on exhibit are open for play.

Night Games will take place Saturday, February 16th between 7:00- 10:00 PM at the Museum of the Moving Image.

//New Games: Show & Tell//
IndieCade East features a unique exhibition focused on sharing and exploring new work and work-in-progress. Game creators will show hands-on demonstrations of their new work and concepts throughout a two-day Show & Tell. Don't miss it! Interested in showing your work? Sign ups start Friday @ 4:00 in the Fox Amphitheater.  

//New Games: GameSlam//
IndieCade's signature GameSlam is hosted by Ouya and consists of back-to-back three minute game presentations (1:00 PM, Saturday February 16). Interested in showing your work? Sign ups start Friday @ 4:00 in the Fox Amphitheater.  

//New Games: PlayStation Mobile hosted GameJam//
IndieCade East attendees will have the opportunity to view the process of live game creation at the PlayStation Mobile hosted GameJam. All IndieCade East pass holders will have the chance to view the game-jammers as they work on PlayStation Mobile game development from the Digital Learning Suite as well as attend the Live GameJam Feedback Session at 4:00 PM Saturday the 16th and the GameJam Games "Revealed" Screenings from 7 - 7:50 pm Sunday the 17th.  

//New Platforms: The Rift from Oculus VR//
Oculus VR Vision: Immersive virtual reality technology that is wearable and affordable. The Oculus Rift will be available for demonstrations throughout IndieCade East. 
//New Platforms: Sifteo Cubes//
Sifteo creates platforms and games that merge physical and digital play. Sifteo Cubes are the award-winning interactive game system of little wireless video tiles. The cubes sense each other and your gestures, display full-color graphics, and respond to touch. Expand the possibilities with more games and cubes! 

Sifteo cubes will be available to play with a myriad of games including the IndieCade nominee Chroma Shuffle, as well as Sandwich Kingdom, Code Crackers, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Ninja Slide, Word Caravan, Cube Buddies, and Bleep. 

IndieCade highlights and celebrates the independent spirit in game development - including videogames, board and card games, "big games," hybrids of these forms, and new forms that emerge when their makers come together in one forum. IndieCade's sixth-annual festival and conference will be October 3-6, 2013, in Culver City, CA. It carries on its tradition of showcases, workshops, and game jams, including its presence in 2013's E3 in Los Angeles, and the newest event, IndieCade East at the Museum of the Moving Image, New York, February 15-17. 

Museum of the Moving Image ( advances the understanding, enjoyment, and appreciation of the art, history, technique, and technology of film, television, and digital media.Accessible, innovative, and forward-looking, the Museum presents exhibitions, education programs, significant moving-image works, and interpretive programs, and maintains a collection of moving-image related artifacts. The Museum is considered a leading institution in the exhibition of digital media, and regularly exhibits video games in both its core exhibition and changing exhibitions, including Spacewar! Video Games Blast Off, currently on view through March 3.


15th - 17th

Astoria (NY), NY


11th - 13th

Los Angeles, CA


3rd - 6th

Culver City (LA), CA
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