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Tribute to PONG and MOMA14 by Neoludica Game Art Gallery
Founder of Atari and creator of PONG, Bushnell will inaugurate the new edition of the consumer show with a conference open to all fans.

PONG by Delete, digital art on canvas, 2012
AESVI, the Italian games industry’s association, is pleased to announce that Nolan Bushnell, founder of Atari and creator of the historic video game PONG, will be the outstanding guest of Games Week 2013, the Italian consumer show dedicated to video games, taking place in Milan from the 25th to the 27th of October.
On the morning of Friday October 25th, Nolan Bushnell will inaugurate the new edition of Games Week with a conference open to visitors of the show where he will share his vision on the future of the video games industry. Nolan Bushnell is considered the undisputed founder of this industry for having given life 41 years ago to a great classic in the history of video games: PONG.
Two vertical bars and a ball bouncing between them to simulate a ping-pong game: these are the elements of the most famous video game of all times that, after quickly becoming the most popular arcade game played in American pubs, has conquered the world, changing forever the history of entertainment.
Tribute to PONG in Milan with artwork of: Scaboro, Delete,
Ribaudo, Roncella, Parisi, Mendeni, Roccioletti and

But how has the gaming industry changed since then? How will the latest technological innovations impact the market? How will the way of playing evolve in the next years? Nolan Bushnell’s motto is that "a good speaker learns as much as he teaches" and it’s with this spirit that he will make his entrance on the stage of Games Week 2013 to talk about the past, the present and the future of gaming, and to respond to the questions of the audience.
A unique moment for all gamers and enthusiasts of the world of video games, as well as for retrogaming fans, which will have the unique opportunity to directly interact with the father of video games.
The Italian Game Developers Summit (IGDS) is an event dedicated to the community of Italian game developers to exchange their experiences, meet with each other and inspire from international speakers.
The IGDS is organized by AESVI, the Italian Games Industry Association, as a parallel event ofGames Week, the Italian video game consumer show taking place in Milan.

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